Dwarves were first discovered by Humans living on the western edge, of Mount Stromguarde. Shortly there after the first ale recipe was recorded, and soon after that the first peace treaty between two different races was brokered. Believing humans to be their “stretched out” cousins, Dwarves were the first friendly people humans encountered in Ramis. From this peaceful accord human establishments grew around the base of Dwarven mountains, with humans providing food for the early Dwarven nation, and the Dwarves offering protection from nomadic orcish tribes.

Dwarves have always held humans in relatively high respect, though strongly believe in several fundamental tenants that separate them sociologically from humans. Fighting for dwarves is only for the defense of home, and heart. Never for the acquisition of territory or status. This fundamental difference in belief lead to minor clashes between dwarven and human territories during the Ramis Era of aggressive human expansion.

While never breaking out in full on war Dwarven society rarely condoned human actions during the time, and relations were understandably strained. The Hal Ordis Era saw great growth and prosperity for the Dwarven race as a shift in attitudes led to the establishment of several “topside” colonies, as well as the consolidation of the Dwarven city-state into the capital of Cragholm.

In the Blight Era Cragholm is the last known city still in existence since the Blight, kept safe from the scourge topside. As the only capital city still in existence dwarves view themselves as existing in a golden era, where their race has been rewarded for making the right choices and enjoys trade, wealth, and the finest of ales.


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