Orrell Grosvenor

Character page: Orrell Grosvenor

Orrell Grosvenor was the first child born at the Kwikton Settlement, just 6 months after it was set up. Orrell’s parents are good friends of the settlement’s founder, and known for their knowledge of the wilderness. Orrell was raised away from the dangers of the mine and has since become a scout and assists with the protection of the settlement.

When Orrell was 12, his father was called into the mine to wrangle a rust monster that was eating the quicksilver, and injuring workers. Though he was successful, the quicksilver drove him quickly insane and Orrell and his mother were left to support themselves and the semi-lucid Topio.

Orrell helped his father care for the monster (whom Topio named named Archduke Thaddeus Fuzzyface IV), and Topio eventually gave him to Orrell to use as a mount.

Early Campaign

Having been called away from his hometown to lead a brief discovery expedition to some ruins he found, Orrell was intercepted and diverted by a letter from Degis Retomak to inspect some Orc settlements in and around the Salted Lands.

Although the initial excursion was part of his normal duties as a scout, the lengthier diversion has Orrell wondering what other surprises might await him in his immediate future. But this sure as heck beats hunting turkeys back home…

Orrell Grosvenor

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