Topio and Sedna Grosvenor

Topio and Sedna are both halflings with a background in wilderness survival. Topio, in his time, was an expert halfling outrider, and Sedna is still a skilled herbalist. Friends of Bently Reavers, they were asked to assist with the creation of a settlement around a quicksilver mine on the mainland of Ramis.

Shortly after arriving at the settlement, Topio and Sedna gave birth to a son, Orrell Grosvenor. Orrell was raised in the settlement, but his parents kept him clear of the dangerous quicksilver mine and instead trained him in their field to become a scout.

In the 13th year after the Kwikton Settlement was founded, a rust monster was found in the mine. Topio was called upon because of his skills with controlling animals, and was able to wrangle the monster from the mine. Sadly, in the process he was exposed to much higher than normal levels of quicksilver and shortly after lost his mind.

He trained the rust monster and gave it to his son as a mount for scouting.

Topio and Sedna Grosvenor

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